Covid-19 solution

With Orion, end the wait for your visitors.

ESII, expert in queuing solutions, offers a digital ticket solution to make the waiting line virtual and allow your visitor to come when it’s his turn.
  • Continue to apply the social distancing measures
  • Avoid waiting lines in front of your facility
  • Manage your reception with online appointment

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Our commitments:

  • Avoid queues in front of your facility
  • Easy to use solution, without training
  • No hardware to install
  • Remote installation, in 48H

Digital ticket in 3 steps:

1- Visitor check-in

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Spontaneous visitor:

With his smartphone, the visitor scans a QRCode available at the entrance of your facility or in a digital communication (email, web site). He checks-in in the waiting line, without needed registration.
A welcome agent can check-in the visitor without smartphone.

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Scheduled visitor:

The visitor can schedule his visit at any moment on your website or your mobile app.

2- Virtual wait and notification

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Spontaneous visitor:

Instead of waiting in your facility, the visitor can wait in his car or at home. He sees in real time the waiting time on his phone.
When it is his turn, he is notified on his phone and/or by text message.

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Scheduled visitor:

When he arrives, he notifies with his smartphone and he is received at the scheduled time.

3- Arrival in the facility

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When a visitor comes in, a receptionist checks his virtual ticket.
The welome agent sees in real time the number of visitors in the facility.

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Scan the QRCode above to test the solution.

Phygital Kiosk

Kiosk audio-video connection solution between a visitor and a remote reception agent. Limits physical interactions.
  • No physical interaction
  • A single agent for several sites
  • Easy to use
phygital kiosk

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Online appointment

Online appointment booking

ESII allows customers to book an appointment from a website, receive a text message and / or email confirmation of their appointment, and simply come on time for their appointment.
The messages can be personalized to communicate the details of the appointment with reminders of important information during the COVID-19 period.
Customers can wait at home, at work or anywhere else, your waiting room will be empty and you will fight against contagion.

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Single queue

Our single line queuing solution speeds up checkout while maintaining safe distances.
Customers wait in a single queue with respect for safety distances, as soon as a checkout is available, the next customer is called thanks to the screen and the sound announcement.
No queuing in front of each checkout forcing customers to go through the middle of the lines to get to a checkout.
phygital kiosk

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  • Respect social distancing
  • Protect your visitors and employees
  • Manage the visitor flow
  • Manage your activity
  • Laboratory Covid solution

    Testimonial - Laboratory Parc Monceau

    We needed to manage a sudden flow of new patients. The Covid-19 pandemic led us to search for a digital solution in order to protect our staff and our more vulnerable patients. The entire patient journey (appointment booking, administrative task, sampling) had to take place outside the laboratory. We already had a drive-through, we needed the appointment solution.
    We needed to manage online appointment. ESII offered for free its solution, Orion.
    The set-up and the training had been quick, we were operational in less than 48h with a tailored solution, adapted to our needs.
    The administrative appointment management and the patient flow management had been widely eased. Orion allowed a better work organization that brings serenity to our staff.
    The patients receive a text message reminder with the precise location of the drive-through. They arrive at the right time for the appointment and that limits as possible the wait.
    This solution gives to our laboratory a more professional image.
    We tested the effectiveness of this solution, so we installed a second location with the same satisfaction.
    Mireille Billion-Rey, Co-head biologist - Le Labo Parc Monceau , 12 Rue de Chazelles, 75017 PARIS.

    Testimonial - City Hall of Bagnolet

    “The citizens are satisfied with the solution installed for the distribution of masks. The technician who made the installation was very available and very professional.
    We are very satisfied too and we plan to use the ESII’s solution for the housing service and the benefit service as part of a broader project with interactive kiosks.”
    Ms. Tooran DANA, Information system manager, City Hall of Bagnolet - Place Salvador-Allende - 93171 Bagnolet

    Saint Denis City Hall

    Testimonial - City Hall of Saint Denis

    The Covid health crisis completely disorganized our services. Without wasting too much time by redefining our operating mode, we needed to allow our colleagues to book appointments in place of the citizens.
    Onrion is an easy to use solution! ESII explained the method: how to create structures, manage the schedule, the users and define the access level. It was easy. You can’t do all of this in one day, but in two days you can do it easily. On the user side, I made a training for my colleagues. They understood very quickly. At first, there had been some minor errors but then my co-workers told me it was easy to use.
    M. Mody TRAORE, Functional lead of the solution eSirius, City Hall of Saint Denis - 2, Place Victor Hugo, 93200 Saint Denis

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