Connected ticket dispenser.

Keo-e is a practical, accessible and economical ticket dispenser.

Ticket dispenser
Used by:
  • laboratory bio allan
keo e kiosk ticket

Backlit Touch Screen

Its backlit touch screen makes it possible to offer a simple reception scenario, including up to 12 services. By simply changing the backlight paper on which the different services are printed, the Keo-e upgrades according to the needs of the reception.

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POE dispenser

By adopting Powered Over Ethernet (POE) technology, this terminal only requires connection to an RJ45 cable to operate. Electricity and data therefore transit via Ethernet, making installation simpler, less expensive and less energy intensive.

>> Benefits of the Keo-e

Up to 12 services
Low power consumption
Plug & Play
  • Screen
    • 10.1′ screen
    • High brightness screen
    • Customizable backlight wallpaper
  • Ticket
    • Compatible with thin and thick paper
    • Customizable ticket
    • Easy roll change
    • Up to 1310 tickets/roll
  • Repairability index

    We provide spare parts and we are committed to “reparability, because our products are designed to be durable, robust, reliable and without planned obsolescence”.

    Our actions :

    • Product repair with follow-up procedures
    • Implementation of a policy of reconditioning old equipment to maintain the existence of old installed sites
    • Security storage policy for sensitive components to ensure repairability
    • Maintaining staff capable of ensuring product support over 3 or 4 generations, both in terms of rehabilitating solutions to replacement components, and in seeking adaptation to new solutions to maintain their longevity.

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