Our CSR commitments

At ESII, we strive to continuously improve our performance in a rapidly changing competitive environment, while remaining true to our commitments: our core values, our purpose and roles, our internal rules,our CSR action plans, our desire to improve Quality of Life at work.

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We are deeply committed to supporting the social and economic development of our environment. We understand our role as responsible global corporate citizen and engage in diverse initiatives and projects.

Our vision and our commitments allow us to keep focused and make the right choices as part of our work at ESII. They provide solid principles that we follow daily in our activities.

Good relationships with our partners, customers, governments and other stakeholders are the keys to our success. We can help build healthy relationships by acting with honesty, integrity and respect for others.

Each of us :

  • Acts in accordance with our values, our principles and internal rules
  • Ensures its role in our organization*
  • Participates and respects the CSR and Quality of Life at work actions

*The governance of ESII is ensured by a management committee, represented by the directors of departments, with a mode of operation where the hierarchical levels are reduced and smooth communication is privileged; managers are into coaching and each employee has his responsibilities in his roles; transversal instances (steering committees, …) are also responsible and decision-makers in their roles.

José Zirah CEO
Jean-Pierre Richard General Manager

  • Repairability index

    We provide spare parts and we are committed to “reparability, because our products are designed to be durable, robust, reliable and without planned obsolescence”. Our actions :

    • Product repair with follow-up procedures
    • Implementation of a policy of reconditioning old equipment to maintain the existence of old installed sites
    • Security storage policy for sensitive components to ensure repairability
    • Maintaining staff capable of ensuring product support over 3 or 4 generations, both in terms of rehabilitating solutions to replacement components, and in seeking adaptation to new solutions to maintain their longevity.
  • We support French know-how
    • Favor local suppliers to establish a sustainable partnership based on a responsible supplier relationship
    • French label guaranteed: LED Display, 100% Software and 60% Hardware manufactured in France
    • Promote and raise awareness of our approach (conferences in high schools, thematic symposium …)
  • We engage our international partners
    • Choice of partners according to their societal commitments
    • Focus on labeled suppliers to ensure products taking into account sustainability issues
    • Subcontracting end-of-life waste recycling to committed companies
  • We adopt CSR within our company
    • 4 of our 9 values are related to CSR
    • Employee-focused policy: compliance with safety and health standards, employee well-being
    • Orientation towards sustainable development: Green printing process label, no use of phenol, investment in sustainable infrastructure, efforts to reduce the carbon footprint…
    • CSR action plan directly inspired by ISO 26000
  • Our ‘green’ initiatives
    • Subcontracting end-of-life waste recycling to committed companies
    • Reduced footprint: our new terminals are 100% recyclable and we use 30 kg less raw materials in their manufacture, i.e. a reduction of 63%.
    • Manufacturing efficiency: 84% reduction in the number of steps from cutting to handling. 52 steps are required instead of 312.
    • 50% reduction in packaging: Twana interactive kiosk packed in 16 foam pads instead of 32. 1 box used instead of 3.
  • SMETA Audit

    As part of the CSR policy, ESII was audited by the SMETA procedure (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). The ethical practices of the company are examined based on 4 items:

    1- The environment

    The ecological recommendation of the SMTA takes different forms with the objective to limit waste with the eco-construction or to reduce the carbon footprint during the transport of the supplied products. To do that, ESII is committed to: – promote the local suppliers – reduce and recover waste – promote the certified suppliers (ISO 14001, imprim’vert…)

    2- Labor standards

    In this domain, the commitments go further than the respect of the human rights in the premises of ESII. The company doesn’t contract a partnership or does business with another company that doesn’t respect the labor standards.

    3- Business ethics

    ESII builds a win / win relationship with its suppliers and customers. All the aspects of the relationship with these companies are concerned: price, terms of sale… Thus, unfair practices to declare a service provider faulty or corruption are forbidden within the company.

    4- Community benefit

    The process ESII is involved in, concerns all the stakeholders in its activity. Beyond customers and suppliers, this process benefits the employees and the immediate environment.

  • Sustainable Digital Policy

    ESII signed the sustainable Digital Policy where we are committed to optimizing digital tools to limit their impacts and consumption and to develop service offers accessible to all, inclusive and sustainable.

    Read the policy >

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