Finance sector

Offer a customized reception to you customers.

Retail banks need to be one innovation ahead to attract new customers and invent the bank of the future.

Finance sector
  • Receive your customers by appointment and by video conferencing
  • Phygital customer journey
  • Differentiate the customers' requests
  • Efficient management of human resources
  • Better competitive advantage
  • Retain customers by improving their experience
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  • credit agricole paca
Nos solutions
  • welcome kiosk reception videoconference

    Welcome kiosk

    Connects a remote receptionist by videoconference with the reception of the various buildings

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  • unmask esii appointment

    Digital ticket on Smartphone

    Having a mobile-integrated queue management system minimize waiting times, streamline your customer flow and present your customers the option to virtually join a queue before physically arriving in your store.

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  • online appointment

    Online appointment solution

    Online appointment management software to integrate directly into your website.

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  • qualii survey

    Satisfaction survey solution

    Orion Survey is easily and quickly configurable, you cover all your survey needs

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Transform the reception and the wait in bank

To meet the actual needs of the customers, banks and financial institutions have to invest in omni channel solutions to attract new customers.

The Phygital Kiosk can be used to welcome remotely customers at secondaries branches. It connects customers with a remote welcome agent by videoconferencing. This kiosk can be integrated to your own infrastructure to use your business software. Or it can manage the entrance access.

Appointment booking directly on your website is an efficient solution to manage your calendars and multiply qualified appointments. Besides, it can be combined with one of our interactive kiosks for customer check-in in the branch.

The digital ticket solution Smartwait™ can also be an alternative to regular queue for the wait in the bank.

Offer mobility to your customers thanks to modern and connected solutions wherever they are. Also offer mobility to your staff by allowing them to book a workspace in your different branches.

Our customers talk about

  • BSIC Ivory Coast
    « The quality of the reception but also the comfort have been improved since the installation of the system, as well… »
  • Credit Agricole PCA France
    « One essential priority for our company is always to improve the reception of our customers and to offer the best… »

The quality of the reception but also the comfort have been improved since the installation of the system, as well as for our customer and for our employees.

From now on, our customers sit down comfortably in the waiting room, calmly and they respect the running order without conflict.

The solution was expected by our agents and they have accepted and understood the system.

Since the installation, we have noted a gain of time for the process of the requests but also a reduction of the waiting time for our customers.

BSIC Ivory Coast
Mme Oro Reception Manager, BSIC Headquarter Abidjan

One essential priority for our company is always to improve the reception of our customers and to offer the best level of satisfaction. To do this, we wanted to better manage, decrease, and optimize the waiting time of our customers in our offices while bringing as soon as possible the right competence depending on the customer’s need.

We selected the Twana™ Touch kiosk closing the tender: better value for money, French company, capacity to take in account the evolutions, flexibility of the solution offered.

The benefits for our employees:

– The solution offers a collective information in real time,

– A better management of the waiting time with precises data allowing a better management, collaboration, and complementarity. This, improves the work conditions.

The benefits for our customers:

– Optimized and tailored reception of the customers.

– Decrease of the waiting time and a better information.

– Better waiting conditions (seated, in a dedicated comfortable space)

Credit Agricole PCA France
David Zielinski Manager of the proximity network and the private bank

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