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The QWL is a feeling of well-being at work, which includes the atmosphere, the corporate culture, the interest of the work, the working conditions, the feeling of involvement, the degree of autonomy and responsibility, the equality and the right to make mistakes. Here are examples of QWL actions :

Because quality is important, ESII offers you:

  • Service, strategy and gouvernance meetings in each department with free expression of tensions and ideas of improvement.
  • 2 annual general meetings.
  • BU, steering committees, strategic prospective meetings… involving various collaborators.
  • Profit sharing in addition to participation.
  • Working groups for the layout of common areas.
  • Gym and kitchen for the collaborators.
  • Group training of managers and strengthening of the Manager relationship with HR.
  • Part-time job. 
  • Complete process of integration for new collaborators.
  • Make sure that all employees have completed at least one training every 6 years.
  • Maintain the current permanent contract/temporary contract rate over the long term and keep the number of professional training contract to a minimum.
  • Pay particular attention to disabled workers : adaptation of workstations…
  • Internal and cross service progressions.
  • Salaries process communicated to all.

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