Smart Building Reception

Corporate Reception Solution

Manage your external workers on your secure venue regardless of the attendance!

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The Corporate Reception allows you to manage entrances to your building:

  • To notify an employee that an appointment has just arrived.
  • To notify an employee that a delivery person is at reception.
  • To start a videoconference with a visitor at reception.
  • To issue an access badge with photo.

Smart Building Reception

An easy-to-use software and 4 elegant kiosks adapted to your needs:

  • Appointment/delivery notification.
  • Videoconferencing.
  • Badge issuing.


ticket dispenser
Comply with the ISO27001 standard on recording entrances and exists.
Simplification of access management for external workers to secure venues.
Cloud-based solution and smart kiosk.
Want to digitalize access management?

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Use cases

1- Appointment/delivery notification

smart kiosk 0 reception en


The visitor arrives at reception and goes to the 22-inch SmartKiosk terminal positioned for self-service.

smart kiosk 1 reception en


A drop-down list of staff with Photo, Last Name, First Name allows you to select the person with whom the visitor has an appointment.

smart kiosk 2 reception en


The visitor is invited to complete a form with mandatory fields such as LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, etc.

A message is displayed “Staff has been notified of your arrival; he will come to welcome you in a few moments”

Staff is notified directly by email/SMS of the arrival of the visitor

2- Reception via videoconference

Examples of use:

  • CoWorking spaces, incubators and business facilities
  • Office or high-end residential buildings
  • Concierge services
  • Museums
PhygitalKiosk 01EN

Arrival of the visitor

1. A visitor presents himself at reception and approaches the Phygital Kiosk to announce his presence.

2. On the screen, he spots the different logos and names of the companies he can contact.

3. He scrolls through them if necessary and clicks on the one he wants. The call starts immediately.

PhygitalKiosk 02EN

Call and connection

1. Remotely, the host receives the call: he sees the place of origin of the call and the requested company.

2. When he responds, a video and audio conversation begins between the two interlocutors.

3- Badges issuing


1. As soon as he arrives, the visitor goes to the kiosks positioned in self-service in order to carry out his pre-registration.

2. By selecting a purpose of visit that requires a badge, the visitor receives a ticket with a bar-code, and he is invited to go to the photo taking area.

Photo taking

1. Scanning the QRCode triggers the photo software.

2. He takes the photo and sees the result (he has 3 tries). He validates the photo shoot.

3. A message informs him that he can return to wait.

4. He is repositioned in the queue where he can be called by reception.

Badge generation

1. The reception agent calls the visitor with the same ticket.

2. In Orion, the agent gets the photo.

3. The agent can right click “copy the image” and paste it in the badge generation software.

Our commitments

Years of R&D experience in the IT sector and access to the latest technologies in multiple areas.
A recognized capacity for innovation which allows us to influence the Customer Reception Management sector.
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