Drive growth with API’s for all your business platforms.


API available

Our API have been created to give you maximum flexibility and permanent scalability. They allow applications to interact directly with your Orion platform, thus improving usability and increasing efficiency in managing large deployments.

Appointment injection API

Your appointments can be injected in the system via an API.

Waiting conditions retrieval API

In real time or usual waiting

Appointment slot retrieval API

Blocking of a slot and booking of a slot

Order injection API

An order can be injected via an API. If an order already exists with the same number in the same location, it is ignored.

Benefits of our API

citizen journey
Facilitated interaction
real time
Time saving


Building on our experience in various industries, we develop interoperable solutions with essential business softwares to offer you complete solutions that meet all your needs throughout the visitor journey.

In the health industry, our interoperable solution make information accessible to all the care staff in order to improve quality of care, for a seamless and complete patient journey.

We have carried out numerous interfaces so that our solutions can automate patient orientation and their admission.

Our solutions are HL7 compliant and interoperable with all information systems, to :