Queue management system

Queuing system and reception solution in SaaS mode

ESII has been an expert in queue management and visitor reception for 40 years. Our different flow management solutions adapt to your industry, the people received and the size of your organization.

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  • Tickets dispensing
  • Online appointment making
  • Events management
  • Mobile reception
  • Digital ticket
  • Dynamic communication
  • Multi function kiosks
  • Decisional statistics
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How to better organize your reception?

Omni channel reception

ESII offers new ways to manage public reception thanks to its Orion SaaS and other on-premise solutions designed for a digital and multi-channel reception. From making an appointment to the final interview, the visitors lives a smooth experience where he is guided at each step. Thanks to this efficient visitor journey, offer a better visitor experience, and save time for your teams.

The possibilities of queue management with ESII

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Digital ticket

Save your customers time and receive them whenever they want. With this solution, they know waiting conditions in real time for each of your services. They can indicate the time when they want to come and take a digital ticket to queue.

orion appointment

Online appointment making

Orion appointment is an intuitive, open and multisite SaaS appointment management solution. Your customers can access your availability from your website 24/7. Your calendar is automatically synchronized and your customers receive a reminder to avoid forgetting their appointment. You thus welcome all your customers, without waiting, by monitoring your resources and planning your activity.

events evenements esii tablet

Events management

Orion Event allows you to easily manage and organize your events on your website. Insert the registration form online using an iframe and allow your visitors to register according to the conditions you have set.

twana touch

Multi function kiosks

The Twana™ range kiosks are part of our reception management solution. Combining design, robustness, performance and ease of use, they offer a real image of customer relationship. They allows you to know customer needs, identify an incoming appointment, enter information (forms), take a ticket and direct your visitors easily.

Reception-Mobile ESII

Mobile reception

Interact with your customers. With their tablet or smartphone, your staff add customers to the queue, consult their expected waiting times and call them.

Statistique ORION ESII


Receive reports on your activity to better adjust your resources. Orion offers many statistics to analyze your activity and improve your organization. Statistical reports can be sent automatically by email.

com dyn

Dynamic communication

With digital signage, call your visitors and direct them towards the calling station. Also broadcast communication to make waiting active.

Tickets dispensing

Thanks to our solutions and kiosks, organize your reception by dispensing paper, digital or text message tickets.

Our commitments

Optimized customer experience :
more free time to manage his journey, less stress, reliable information for your customers.
The Business Intelligence module allows you to monitor your activity as finely as possible and therefore better manage your resources.
real time
By eliminating queues, your reception is seamless, the working conditions of your staff are thus improved.

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