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Digital ticket on Smartphone

Engage and connect with customers where they spend most of their time—on their mobile devices!

Having a mobile-integrated queue management system minimize waiting times, streamline your customer flow and present your customers the option to virtually join a queue before physically arriving in your store.

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Digital ticket on video

Eliminate the queues in front of your store!

Set-up in less than 24 hours.

Provide a touchless experience

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Digital ticket from a Smartphone app

Save time for your customers and receive them when they want. With SmartWait™, your customer knows the waiting conditions in real time for each of your services.

They can indicate the time they want to come and take a digital ticket for the queue. If your customer is no longer available, no problem, SmartWait™ can deal with it: your customers can change their call time, postpone it or simply cancel their visit.

SmartWait™ is also available as a web service to interface with your own mobile application. With this innovative solution, your visitors can make appointments directly via your application.

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Digital ticket with a QRcode

Ease the customer journey by offering them to take a digital ticket by scanning a QRcode in your store with their smartphone.  They are informed with a notification when their turn is coming.

This solution is offered in SaaS mode without time engagement. No hardware is needed in your selling area. The customer is free from wait and can take his time to browse your store.

>> Benefits of the digital ticket

Ticket digital geolocalisation
Selection of available services
real time
Visualization of the estimated waiting time in real time
On your website or mobile app
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve service
  • Boost loyalty
  • Optimized use of resources and physical spaces
  • More opportunities to create cross-channel experiences
  • Reduce operational costs

Our customers talk about it

  • E.Leclerc France
    « The solution was to set up kiosks that not only allow you to issue a paper ticket but also to… »
  • Caveriviere Butcher’s shop France
    « To improve the wait management in our shop, we have installed a queue management solution to make your shopping more… »

The solution was to set up kiosks that not only allow you to issue a paper ticket but also to take a virtual ticket using your phone. This optimizes the queues, which can be very long on certain days.

ESII suggested that we duplicate all calls from all counters to the fruit and vegetable aisle. This optimizes the customer journey: rather than waiting for their turn in the queue, the customer will shop while seeing the list of calls scroll on 3 large screens.

Since then, we realize that there is less waiting, it is much more seamless. There are no more problems at the cheese counter. Everything is simplified.

E.Leclerc France
Caroline DUGUE Marketing Manager – E.Leclerc Tourlaville

To improve the wait management in our shop, we have installed a queue management solution to make your shopping more enjoyable.

It’s a digital kiosk with a queue management system with 3 services:

  • The first service is for meats, poultries and deli.
  • The second service is for the cooked meats and tartare’s tasting.
  • The third service is for orders pick-up.

If you have ordered online, you select “orders pick-up” and you automatically go through first.

You can choose between a paper or a digital ticket. For this one, you scan the QR code with your smartphone and it allows you to manage your waiting time so that you can go on with your shopping in the covered market or take a coffee. If you need more time, you can postpone your call time by a few minutes, and you don’t lose your place in the queue.

Caveriviere Butcher’s shop France
Yoan Caverivière Artisan boucher
Caverivière Butcher’s shop – Menton

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