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ESII is a multinational technology company. Headquartered in South of France, our staff is also available in 2 regional offices and we enjoy a global presence in Canada, Spain and Belgium.

ESII’s mission is to provide high performance solutions for customer journey managementqueue managementappointments and video communication for waiting rooms.

ESII understands the new challenges of professionals dealing with customers or a public that is increasingly connected and which wants to enjoy a unique experience. That is why we create comprehensive solutions for customer/patient/user journeys: whether this is before, during or after an on-site visit, an ESII solution exists.

Our wide range of products therefore allows us to meet the needs of all types of industries and organisational methods. ESII is widely acknowledged as one of the leaders of customer journey management with over 20,000 sites installed worldwide

Company with a mission

Since 2020 July, ESII is a “company with a mission” and is proud to provide improved values to employees, business partners, sales distributors and every stakeholder aligned with our values:

Time is Priceless. ESII innovates for a stress-free, customized and safe customer reception.

ESII is focused on its mission linked with its values, its strategy, its CSR commitments, its work-life quality and its DNA.

Select ESII, it’s selecting a company that is

socially and environmentally responsible company which takes into account social and environmental aspects in its activities and in its relations with its partners (employees, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors, etc.). Our strong innovation policy means we continuously create and develop ever more powerful solutions to better serve our customers.


ESII in 6 values

Customers’ satisfaction
Expertise and knowledge
Sustainable development and quality
Human, ethic and loyal approach
Innovation and creativity in all fields
A long-term vision

Core topics at a glance:

  • Responsible organization

    ESII is a reasonably managed company. Our actions are based on general principles, such as trust and the increase in autonomy and responsibility of teams.

    We put CSR and Quality of Work life forward for the benefit of customers, employees, society, other stakeholders and the planet.

    We want to be an optimal responsible organization for the performance of customer service and the well-being of all; with agility, intelligence and global collective spirit.

    Some examples of implemented tools: For more collaboration, transversal processes, accountability, flexibility, Quality of Work life …:

    • Cross-functional committees, strategic foresight, our values, our mission guide … and a CSR action plan.
    • Tools to work better in a liberated company: meetings, management of tensions, ideas, roles and reasons for being, leadership at all levels, dynamic organization…
  • Employment engagement

    More than 130 employees create real value for ESII, and we also contribute indirectly to the creation of hundreds of jobs through our network of suppliers, installers and distributors.

    Similarly, we have developed a network of local sub-contractors, which also allows us, in addition to supporting employment, to be very responsive.

  • Support program and roll-out

    Installation within the time scales that takes into account your requirements. This is a commitment that ESII keeps thanks to our technical team of 18 persons (QUALIFELEC certified), our 3 offices and our 25 approved and regularly trained installers present in all regions of France. High-quality customer care with 96% of calls answered in under 40 seconds.

  • High added-value products

    ESII solutions have been designed to be both robust, high performance and consume low amounts of energy. We carefully evaluate their cost of use (ticket consumption optimization for touch terminals, training time, etc.) and we favor the total repairability of our products.

    • Design: modern, fully customisable, or that can even be integrated into your own design which allows us for example to be present as a world exclusive at Nespresso.
    • Ease for everyone: wireless mode, embedded web site, functions for persons with reduced mobility, configuration tools, optimized ergonomics.
    • Communication: unique communication media with high ROI.
  • Diversity and non-discrimination

    ESII has been engaged for several years in the fight against discrimination in employment and for the inclusion of diversity in the company. ESII is convinced that diversity is a source of wealth for our company and a key element of the quality of life at work. Building a diversity policy involves, in particular, deconstructing stereotypes in each of the company’s strata. Promoting diversity within our structure is a key factor for economic and social performance. This is why ESII formalizes its commitment by signing the diversity government approved document and by its actions on non-discrimination.

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