Interactive kiosks

Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

Our wide range of kiosks improve the quality of your customer service and efficiently guide your visitors.

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  • Available with our queue management solution or stand-alone
  • Public reception
  • Tickets dispenser
  • Information and web browser
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Maximize your time, and your client’s, by improving your service levels into a more intuitive, dynamic and remarkable customer experience.

Our large range of kiosks eliminates the need for physical lines. It provides customers a personalized, frictionless way to wait for service, and a business platform for multi-channel, tailored engagement.
They allow a wide range of applications and customer interactions – the potential is virtually limitless.

Our kiosks are available with our queue management software or in standalone.

Why choose our kiosks?

Stela Kiosk

Stela will ensure the complete reception of visitors in the simplest possible way as soon as they arrive.

Keo™ range – Connected kiosks

The Keo™ range fits your different needs regarding your visitors’ reception while being very easy to use and install.

Twana™ range – Interactive kiosks

The Twana™ range offers several interactive kiosks for a multipurpose and scalable customer reception management.

Our interactive kiosks are part of our solution for customer reception management and adaptable to your needs to offer a better experience to your customers . Our kiosks are also available in standalone version without our software solution.

Our videoconferencing kiosks

The Phygital Kiosk and the Smart Kiosk are designed to deport the reception of several premises to a single point thanks to video conference.