Multifunction reception kiosk


Thanks to its many features, this kiosk will ensure the complete reception of your visitors in the simplest possible way as soon as they arrive.

A design and modular kiosk to offer an omnichannel journey to your visitors.


Its new sleeker, thinner and taller design allows it to attract attention and facilitate all the steps of your visitors’ journey.

You can customize the color depending on the number of kiosks ordered.


The Stela kiosk is delivered already assembled and equipped to save you time. The terminal is an integral part of our reception management solution or it can be sell in stand alone.

Interested in the interactive kiosk Stela?

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Benefits of the interactive kiosk Stela

citizen journey
Omnichannel journey
Flexible according to your needs
  • Easily modifiable options
  • 100% customizable ticket
  • Design and robustness
  • Videoconference possible with the webcam and screen
  • At eye level
  • Reception of the kiosk already mounted
  • Attractive
  • Small footprint


Reception in videoconference with webcam

Allow the reception by videoconference of a visitor at the reception with a remote receptionist.

Order and payment kiosk

Reduce waiting time at counter thanks to the order and payment on the kiosk.

Identification of the visitors with an appointment

Identification of appointments by bar code scan, card reading or code entry.

  • Screen
    • 22” screen.
    • Capacitive multitouch screen.
  • Ticket printing
    • Ultra-fast high resolution printing.
    • Auto loading and easy loading.
  • Customization
    • Dynamic and customizable scenario
    • Color customization by covering.
    • Customization with stickers.
  • Repairability index

    We provide spare parts and we are committed to “reparability, because our products are designed to be durable, robust, reliable and without planned obsolescence”. Our actions :

    • Product repair with follow-up procedures
    • Implementation of a policy of reconditioning old equipment to maintain the existence of old installed sites
    • Security storage policy for sensitive components to ensure repairability
    • Maintaining staff capable of ensuring product support over 3 or 4 generations, both in terms of rehabilitating solutions to replacement components, and in seeking adaptation to new solutions to maintain their longevity.

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