Ticketless kiosk

Twana™ Desk

The screen of the Twana™ Desk kiosk allows you to give information to your customers about your facility and services.

twana desk esii kiosk

The front is fully customizable and can be easily modified to integrate seamlessly into your reception environment.

With its 30° angle tilt and its advanced position compared to the totem, the screen is easier to access (especially for wheelchair users) and has a wide viewing angle

Our kiosks can be integrated with our reception management solutions and can be adapted to your business to offer your customers an optimized reception experience. Our terminals are also designed to be available in standalone, without the software solutions.

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>> Benefits – Twana™ Desk

Identification of appointments
Wheelchair accessibility
100% customizable


Satisfaction Survey

Choose the Qualii™ option to have your satisfaction survey service correlated with your reception management system.


Web browsing

Offer web browsing through the touch screen.

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