Direction and identification kiosk

Twana™ Touch

Ticketless interactive customer reception kiosk.

The Twana™ Touch offers in option card, barcode / QR code, RFID readers to quickly identify your visitors.

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The Twana™ Touch kiosk is part of our solution for customer reception management. Its screen allows you to receive, identify and efficiently direct your customers to multiple services.

twana touch

The front is fully customizable and can be easily modified to integrate seamlessly into your reception environment. With its 40° angle tilt and its advanced position compared to the totem, the screen is easier to access (especially for wheelchair users) and has a wide viewing angle.

Our kiosks integrate our queue management solution and adapt to your industry to offer your customer an optimized reception experience. This interactive kiosks are also designed to be available in standalone, without our software.

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>> Benefits

multiservices kiosk
Appointments identification
Wheelchairs accessibility
17’’, 22″ or 27″ touch screen
  • Compact
  • Easy Installation
  • Durability
  • Integrated PC, Bar code readers, QR code, RFID and smart cards available

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Bar code and QRCode readers

Select the “Bar code reader” option to identify your visitors by scanning a 1D or 2D bar code.


Internet browsing

You can offer Internet browsing on your kiosk to your visitors.

Repairability index

We provide spare parts and we are committed to “reparability, because our products are designed to be durable, robust, reliable and without planned obsolescence”.

Our actions :

  • Product repair with follow-up procedures
  • Implementation of a policy of reconditioning old equipment to maintain the existence of old installed sites
  • Security storage policy for sensitive components to ensure repairability
  • Maintaining staff capable of ensuring product support over 3 or 4 generations, both in terms of rehabilitating solutions to replacement components, and in seeking adaptation to new solutions to maintain their longevity.

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