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Orion Survey

Satisfaction survey solution

Take a big step towards customer satisfaction!

Orion Survey is easily and quickly configurable, you cover all your survey needs

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Why Orion Survey?

ORION Satisfaction Survey will help you to:

  • Better understand your customers
  • Better meet their expectations
  • Better satisfy them
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Why Orion Survey

Collecting customer feedback shouldn’t be complicated!

Our easy-to-use solution measures the voice of your customer so you can take action and provide an exceptional experience.

Did your service meet expectations? Are you particularly strong in some areas, and where can you improve? Find out by asking your customers and analyzing the data gathered!

Do you want to measure the customer satisfaction?

Fill the form and we will call you back.


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NPS feature
real time
Results can be viewed in real time
Customizable surveys
  • Adapts to your mode of operation (self-service, counter, etc.)
  • Tool to help manage the activity (performance indicators)
  • Improved customer experience

Download the Orion Survey brochure

Please fill out the form to download your Orion Survey brochure.

  • Features
    • Customizable scenarios (buttons, text, logo, look & feel)
    • Responsive: automatically adapts to the size of the screen (PC, touch screen, phone)
    • Different query modes: closed-ended questions, smileys, NPS, comments

Different use cases:

survey satisfaction

End of Interview

The employee invites the customer to answer a questionnaire.

This questionnaire is accessible on a touch screen oriented towards the customer, to give them freedom in their choice of answers.

orion survey on email and sms

Email/SMS Survey

Ability to survey your customers on their perception of your products or services!

Ask your visitor about any subject (opinion on a new product, service, concept, packaging, etc.) by sending a simple email.

Waiting room

Outside the counter, a satisfaction collection kiosk is available.

The client who wishes to do so can answer the questionnaire in complete confidentiality.

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