encuesta de satisfacción

Satisfaction survey solution

Customer feedback, simplified

With Qualii™ you offer easy to use satisfaction survey to improve the customer satisfaction.

qualii survey

How works Qualii™ for your satisfaction survey?

QUALII™ is a software, easily and quickly configurable to meet all your survey needs: it allows to collect, measure, analyze the perception of your customers and visitors.

Take a big step towards your customers satisfaction!

Did your service meet expectations? Are you particularly strong in some areas, and where can you improve? Find out by asking your customers and analyzing the data gathered!

Collecting customer feedback shouldn’t be complicated.
Our easy-to-use solution measures the voice of your customer so you can take action and provide an exceptional experience.

Qualii™ is going to help you:

  • To better understand your customers
  • To better meet their expectations
  • To satisfy them !

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  • Illimited and multilingual surveys
  • NPS survey
  • Edit your survey in real-time
  • Export data to PDF or CSV

Different use cases:

qualii survey / enquete satisfaction

At the end of the interview

The collaborator invites the customer to answer a survey.

This one is accessible on a touchscreen oriented towards the customer to leave him free of his answers and
to maximize response rate.

qualii esii soft


A kiosk or a tablet is available off the counters. The customer can answer the survey confidentially, for a better rate of sincerity.

twana and qualii


A kiosk is available self-service in the waiting room or at the exit in order to survey your customers on any subject of your choice.

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>> Benefits of Qualii™

Take strategic decisions based on dynamic reporting
Follow-up on staff and branch performance
Measure customer satisfaction in real time