Hosting of our solutions

Our cloud-based system architecture ensures Orion can be scaled across a large number of stores and regions with low latency, minimal disruption and at low cost.


SaaS platform

Orion solution to manage the reception and the queues powered in SaaS mode to offer you maximum flexibility.

Benefits of the SaaS mode

  • You always have the latest version available (bug fixes + new features included)
  • The platform is regularly updated according to w3c recommendations and middleware editors (Automatic security flaws management)
  • Platform more secure than an internal platform (PCA)
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease licenses
  • Maintenance contract included with priority support
  • Environmental benefit: Optimization of server utilization, Use of renewable energies in data centers, limitation of the use of paper and reduction of the carbon footprint, energy innovation (latest generation components whose energy performance is generally better than previous generations)

Data in Europe (Host provider Ecritel). The solution is GDPR compliant.

Why select Orion?

High Availability SaaS Platform: 24/7 and SLA 99.8%
Bandwidth 20Mpbs
2 load-balancing hosting centers: guaranteed PCA

Hosting in France

The Orion solution is hosted by Ecritel (ISO 27001 certified/GDPR) for Europe.

Data are hosted in 2 different load-balancing hosting centers in France (Clichy et Saint-Denis).

The MongoDB database is secured, ensuring that only Orion APIs can access it.

The compliance of the infrastructure with health standards (ISO/IEC 27001/ HDS), brings the level of security required for sensitive data, thus beyond that required for personal data.

Personal data (last name, first name, user ID, email, phone numbers, postcode, …) are stored in a secured database.

A question?

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Health Data Hosting

We have chosen to build our Healthcare Cloud, totally dedicated to our clients’ projects, in partnership with a recognized and experienced HDS certified host, with its own DataCenters.

ESII remains your single point of contact for the management of your hosting projects and allows you an easy migration to the Cloud. With our Health Cloud offer, you benefit from better levels of availability, performance and security. You are protected against data loss and we guarantee you continuity of service.

HDS hosting features

  • HDS infrastructures isolated at the host on a separate cluster (not mixed with non-HDS platforms)
  • TrendMicro antivirus on all VMs (including Linux)
  • Tenable monthly vulnerability scan on public IPs (this makes it possible to identify open security vulnerabilities on the internet, in order to correct them)
  • Access security: access to the platform is protected by a bastion (Wallix)
  • Nominative accounts for administrators
  • Traceability of administrative actions
  • Centralization and analysis of logs – conservation period of production logs 6 months
  • Responsibility matrix
  • Backup policy and test restore
  • Security watch and policy for updating security breaches
  • Supervision and monitoring
  • PCA infrastructure – active / active cluster on two data centers
  • Dedicated firewall cluster and anti ddos protection – against mass attacks

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