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Innovative solutions for customer journey and flow management to free your visitors from waiting.

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Serving a wide range of industries (public sector, health, retail, banking, education, entertainment) for 40 years, we offer a powerful queue management and customer reception solution to guarantee a superior customer experience.

Queue Management
Manage your visitors wait

Make your queues digital

Our SaaS platform facilitates a seamless customer journey. Combine customization, automation and flexibility to allow your customers to wait when, where and how they want.

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Optimize reception and plan your resources

Multi function interactive kiosks

Thanks to our range of connected and digital kiosks, each visitor is informed about his journey, can choose his visiting channel and prepare his interview while reducing his waiting time.

online appointment
Connect and engage your customers

Online appointment management

Our cloud-based solution is designed to support, facilitate and simplify visits for you and your customers : booking, registration, or cancelling appointments in one click.

Wide range of industries

Our solutions are successfully used in more than 50 countries with more than 20,000 facilities equipped.
Whether in public sector, health, retail, bank or universities, more than 500 millions of people worldwide use our queue management and reception solutions every year.

Technology one step ahead

We provide our customers and partners with sustainable and design solutions.

Because we have an open dialogue with our customers, we understand their needs and anticipate their expectations so that "tomorrow will be better than today".

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    SLA 99.6% : your data protected
  • saas
    SaaS and On-Prem available
  • gdpr
    HDS & GDPR compliant
  • support
    Support and training
  • API
    Integrates with your system, flexible, APIs
  • Dedicated support, adapted methodology

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ESII is a "Company with a mission" whose purpose is that "Time is Priceless. ESII innovates for a stress-free, customized and safe customer reception". Our mission is a true commitment to deliver real benefits to society through our everyday solutions and actions.