Company with a mission

ESII is centered on its mission deeply linked to its purpose, its values, its strategy, its CSR and QWL commitments and its DNA.


Since July 2020, ESII is a company with a mission:

Time is Priceless. ESII innovates for a stress-free, customized and safe customer reception.

ESII is a company with a strong commitment in the CSR and an action plan covering the ISO 26000 standard and the work-life quality. We align our activities with the values of the company, while ensuring its economic performance, necessary to its sustainability.

ESII, thanks to its solutions, allows its customers and their visitors to save time and stay calm, by organizing receptions and eliminating customer waiting times as much as possible.

Our purpose and commitments

Our purpose « Time is priceless. ESII innovates for a stress-free, customized and safe customer reception », is not just empty words ! We really all act for our purpose, we are reliable, involved and innovative. We offer real advantages to society through our actions :

The purpose of ESII is much more than the sole sharing of profit or the sole realization of a saving; ESII thus aims to reconcile two concepts which are the need for sustainability and the pursuit of broader objectives of general interest.

ESII wants to participates in changing the world by example, from inside and at our level, to make it more educated, more responsible, more universal, always with a concern for the positive impact of our actions on the society.

The strategic objectives of our purpose

Becoming a ‘company with a mission’

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