communication dynamique

Digital signage solution

eZCom integrates powerful tools for the creation of advanced content.

Solution to distribute your multimedia communication locally or remotely.

Used by:
  • Hospital Brugmann Bélgica
  • Brussels airport
  • City of Paris
  • hopital mere enfant bingerville
  • Stad Montreal
Affichage Dynamique ESII

Why eZCom?

Selecting the right digital signage solution has a direct impact on your business bottom-line

eZCom combines the highest quality displays, signage player and software offering unparalleled performance and customer experience.

Why eZCom?

eZCom : easyness and powerness of a well-known solution

eZCom allows to:

  • Distribute your multimedia communication (image, Flash, HTML, PDF, RSS, PPT…)
  • Create engaging and dynamic content
  • Distribute on all types of broadcast media (screens, video walls, video projectors, interactive terminal…)
  • Distribute locally or remotely
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Benefits of eZCom

Facile a installer
Deliver real-time information to customers
Ticket digital geolocalisation
Centralized and local management
Create engaging and dynamic content
  • Reduce perceived wait times by informing and entertaining waiting customers.
  • Create engaging and dynamic content to increase customer experience.
  • Manage content and schedule in real time, without interruption.
  • Solution integrated into our video call broadcast systems.


Your content for distribution

Edit and personalize as you wish

eZCom offer you more than 100 templates that will allow you to format your content simply and quickly.

To offer an user-friendly and powerfull solution, eZCom offers a WYSIWYG mode:

  • Text formattin.
  • Insertion of photo or video media.
  • Addition of text or media areas.
  • Connection to your Facebook page to relay your communication.

Other types of content

Dynamic external flow

eZCom can also display external feeds to add value to your broadcasts:

  • Dynamic weather (national or local, with 5-day forecast).
  • National news.
  • Sports news.
  • Road traffic.
  • Other web flow: streaming video, Youtube, RSS flow.

And more features

To cover all your needs

  • Gateway into Canva  to natively integrate all your creations.
  • Roombooking : a connected room booking solution from a touchscreen tablet.
  • Wayfinding : 2D ou 3D maps to direct visitors.
  • eZCom Touch : distribute your contents and offer an interactive experience to users.
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