Business intelligence

Managers access in real time to the reports and Business Intelligence dashboards through a centralized reporting system.

Adapt and improve after each customer interaction.

Everything starts with the customer satisfaction

Orion BI is a powerful solution capable of extracting complete information about the customers flow, the staff performance, the efficiency of a point of service, etc,

The real time intelligence and the detailed reporting allow your team to constantly learn, adapt and improve the customer experience.

Understand the customer engagement and the workflow in real time.
Sort the data by: locations, queues, appointments, type of services, visits purpose, employee, day of the week, hours of the day, etc..
Speed up the reallocation of resources and adjust your process according to your needs.
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Align the services with the customers need to improve the efficiency!

Catch data as the average and max waiting times, the number of transactions and resources used to understand the service load, the employees optimization.

Statistics such as the average and max waiting time, the service size, the queue size, the no-show rate, the staff service time, etc., contribute to improve the customer journey.

>>Benefits of Orion BI

real time
Real time dashboard
Statistiques decisionnelles
Generation of dynamic reports
Alerts based on customized KPIs