31.08.17 Public Sector

Montbeliard’s government office modernizes its reception

ESII solutions in the government agency of Montbeliard

Montbeliard government agency moved to another building and decided to modernize the user reception. Thanks to its experience in public sector, ESII proposed a customized and innovating solution.

At the reception, the user can take a ticket with the Twana™ Diseo™ kiosk or he can ask the receptionist. In both cases, he selects his requested service. Then, he can wait until he is called trough a display.

Each public service agent calls the next visitor with a software on his computer. Thanks to this software, he can see the number of person who are waiting, the daily number of appointments, the duration of the meeting.

With a better information and orientation, the agency improves wait conditions. Furthermore, this solution comes within Qualipref 2.0, a standard for reception quality.

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