Customer experience transformation: Pharmacie Moléon adopts eZQ™

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The Pharmacie Moléon is located in the shopping center of the city of Langon since 2001. Over time, the pharmacy has become an essential institution for residents thanks to the team’s focus on customer satisfaction. In their ongoing commitment to efficiency, the pharmacy chose to adopt the eZQ™ single-line solution, powered by the Orion software suite in SaaS mode.


Installing the eZQ™ solution is an important step in organizing customer flow at checkout. A few adjustments were necessary to optimize the positioning of the solution to guarantee the fluidity of the queue. In fact, the single queue is directed at the checkouts, where a video screen displays to the customer the next available checkout.


The eZQ™ single-queuing solution reduces both actual and perceived waiting times for customers. Thanks to the video screen, customers are clearly directed to a checkout avoiding the need for staff to call out loud for the next person in line, thus reducing noise and increasing work comfort.

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