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Phygital kiosk

The Phygital Kiosk is an innovative tool to welcome your visitors with confidence.

This multi-location and muti-reception solution allows to connect remote staff with the reception of several companies through video conference.

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The Phygital Kiosk is an innovative tool to welcome your visitors with complete peace of mind. Its large touch screen gives the reception an innovative and modern image while ensuring intuitive and fun use by visitors.

Now, with the remote reception of the Phygital Kiosk, a single station can welcome visitors from several locations.

Use cases: CoWorking spaces, incubators and business facilities, Office or high-end residential buildings, Concierge services

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>>Benefits – Phygital Kiosk

click & collect solution in SaaS mode
Hosting of the solution included
Video conferencing, HD video and stereo sound
Accessibility for wheelchairs

How it works

Visitor arrival

A visitor comes to the reception and approaches the Phygital Kiosk to announce his presence. On the screen, he spots the different logos and names of the companies he can contact. He scrolls through them if necessary and clicks on the one of his choice. The call starts immediately.

Call & Reception

Remotely, the receptionist receives the call: she sees the location of the call and the requested company. When she answers, a video and audio conversation begins.

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