Single line queueing for 10 checkouts in Carrefour Rosny-sous-Bois

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carrefour rosny single line checkout


Located in the heart of Rosny-sous-Bois, Carrefour, an emblematic supermarket chain, has undertaken an initiative to optimize customer reception. With heavy daily footfall, the need for efficient queue management at checkouts was crucial to improve the global customer experience.


ESII answered this need with its linear queueing solution eZQ™ for 10 of the store’s checkouts. Each checkout is now equipped with a Led Display to indicate its numbering, and a call box that enables the cashier to call the next customer when the current one proceeds to payment. The customer is informed of the number of the checkout he needs to go to on a video screen installed at the end of the single line.


Optimized waiting time: better perception of waiting time as customers are constantly in move throughout the single queue.

Improves work conditions: guarantees a homogeneous customer flow at each checkout and fair  distribution to available checkout.

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