High quality reception in laboratories

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The Unilbas group is a French laboratory consortium established in all Europe. It’s the leader in its activity sector with more than 250 laboratories. About fifteen of them have improved their reception with our solutions, in France, in Norway and in Sweden.


If locally some differences can exist, the patient journey looks like this:

  • The patient arrives to the kiosk located in the entrance (Diseo™ or Keo™).
  • He takes a ticket for the service he wants to access (for example: test, results, information…).
  • He is called a first time to a counter on a video screen. He fills his record before to be directed to another waiting room for his test (otherwise, he takes his results, gets information…).
  • He is called again with the same number to a test booth.


Thanks to this simple operating mode with a queue management solution (eSirius™ or Orion), the reception is organized. There is no more running order conflict which leads to a more relaxed wait and therefore more relaxed work conditions for the staff.

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