Installation at the Ottignies clinic in Belgium

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In Belgium, the Saint Pierre d´Ottignies clinic wants to place the patient experience at the heart of its strategy by working on 5 pillars: the patient, quality, innovation, human resources, and performance. With this objective in mind, the direction called ESII Belgium to install a reception management system.


This system works thanks to the eSirius ™ solution which allows the patient to take a ticket on one of the 2 Twana ™ Diseo ™ kiosks. With his numbered ticket, he patiently waits until he is called via 2 screens to one of the 11 reception desks. The screens being very large, they allow to display on 1/3 the communication of the clinic and on the rest of the calls of the numbers.


By organizing the wait, this facility helps reduce patient stress and therefore improve the experience during the visit. This solution generates statistics on visits throughout the year, which makes it possible to best adjust the resources available at reception.

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