Online calendar for reception by appointment

ESII offers you an appointment scheduling software that is complete, intuitive, full web, open and multiple-site. It covers all functions ranging from making the appointment, on-site or via the Internet, to successful reception and including automated identification when the appointment arrives.

With online appointment scheduling, you save time and receive your customers harmoniously by controlling your resources and by planning your activity.

eAppointment™ is available 24/7 and self-service: your customers can book an appointment whenever they want, even when your are closed.

This solution can also be combined with our queue management solution if you also receive visitors without appointments. You thus provide a differentiating service to your customers and you reduce waiting time.

Easy to use and customizable, eAppointment™ has seduced hundreds of customers and manages millions of appointments each year.





  • Controlled reception: you have a more precise idea of the visitor flow since it is planned (in all or in part). It is you who controls the appointment time periods.
  • Satisfied customers: no (or very little) on-site waiting. Your reception is professional, your clients are satisfied with the service and want to come back.


  • Management of all types of appointments: for a service, for a salesperson/agent, for a workstation where dedicated workstations for appointments exist.
  • Identification of the customer's arrival: by reading a card or a bar code, by entering a code, etc.
  • Guarantee keeping appointments on time by managing early or late arrivals: booking of the planned appointments time-slots, management of alerts, appointment confirmations and/or reminders X time before the appointment time by email or SMS.


Your customer makes an appointment via eAppointment™ on the Internet (the tool is directly integrated to your website). They choose their site, their service and a period. The system offers them possibilities according to the reserved time-slots and the already made appointments. They automatically receive confirmation or a reminder of the appointment by email and/or SMS.

eAppointment online appointment booking


This can be carried out by a reception staff member, by a self-service reception terminal, by a card reader, a bar code or by entering an appointment code. The customer is identified and their appointment is automatically registered.

identification of visitors with barcode


The consultant, equipped with the computer reception module, has all the required information for preparing and receiving their appointment. They can visualise the people waiting for appointments permanently and those remaining for that day.

good reception of appointments

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