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Ticketless reception solution


Free the customers from waiting

Weasy CES2019The Weasy ESII solution makes your customers free from waiting. It displays dynamically the number of people waiting and when the counter calls, it starts vibrating, buzzing and displaying the point of service to go to. When another customer is called, Weasy automatically goes into standby and once repositioned on its base, it automatically charges. Connected to all our reception management systems, it allows you to manage all your visitors.

Call and information solution

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Weasy fast reception


Weasy IOT



  • Mobility solution for customers
  • Visitors totally free from waiting
  • No additional display required
  • Easy orientation
  • Connected to the reception management solution
  • Very easy to add or change cards, just position it on the base
  • Shock resistance (Fall of 1m)
  • Respected hygiene
  • Protection against theft
  • No configuration needed
  • Customization



  • LCD backlit display (16 characters per line)
  • Displaying the number of people waiting 
  • Display of the counter that calls
  • Buzzer
  • Pause mode
  • Automatic radio channel search or manual selection among 4 channels*
  • Autonomy 8h
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • RFID stick for antitheft (optional)

The customer takes Weasy

The cards are available in self service on their base at the reception. The customer takes one, it activates automatically.

Weasy selfservice

Pause mode

If he needs more time, the customer activates the pause mode. He can't be called and he goes back in his position when he deactivates the pause mode.

Weasy pause mode

Customer call

When a salesperson is available, he calls the next customer through the Weasy.

Next cutomer call

Call on Weasy

Then, the card vibrates and indicates the meeting point.

Weasy buzz and call

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