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Patient Journey

Patient journey management

The best experience for your patients

Optimizing reception for patients and their journey is central to the challenges faced by hospitals which are increasingly interested in reception management. 

Our Patient Journey management solution simplifies reception, direction and patient flow, all along of its medical steps, in hospitals and clinics.

You track your patients during their journey from when they make the appointment until they are discharged (invoicing included). Issued with a single reception ticket, they are directed to the various services at each stage of their journey.

The Patient Journey management combines the best software and hardware solutions of ESII: eSirius™, TWANA™ interactive kiosks, call and information displays and digital signage. The advantage of our offer is that it is modular (selection of terminal, service, etc.) to best suit your needs.

ESII benefits Benefits:

  • Less stress for patients concerning their support
  • Less no show appointments
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Better management of reception and care staff
  • Improved profitability

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ESII use case patient journey management

Success Stories

Logo Cochin

Cochin Hospital

“With three waiting rooms and one reception desk and 300 gynecology and obstetrics consultations per day, we quickly realized that we needed a system to support us.

On arrival at the clinic, the patient checks in at a self-service kiosk. The system knows when and where the patient has an appointment and directs them to the different services they need to attend throughout their visit. This means that staff are immediately informed that their patient has arrived (with or without an appointment) and so do not need to look for them in the waiting area.”

Michel Biressi Information System Manager Hospital Group Cochin - Broca - Hôtel Dieu (Paris)

  • Patient journey management
  • Equipment of the Gynecology, Maternity and Anesthesia outpatients
  • eSirius™ solution

Customer Flow Management Concept
  • CAMEO™ interactive kiosk with smartcard and bar code reader to identify, inform and direct the patient
  • 32’’ and 42’’ LCD screens to call the patient while broadcasting communication about the hospital news
  • Quickly and easily identify an appointment and direct it to the right service
  • Unique reception ticket for all services
  • Limit non-kept appointments
  • Measure, in real time or afterwards, the reception quality
  • Encourage patients to pay their medical costs


Steve Biko Hospital is constantly improving the experience of its patients. Wheelchair patients and seniors are very appreciative of the speed and efficiency of the new Patient Flow Management System installed at admissions. The system makes it possible to prioritize certain categories of patients in order to provide them with a reliable, efficient and adapted service.

A patient Steve Biko Academic Hospital (South Africa)

  •  eSirius™ solution for queue management in 14 services
  • Calls and information on video screen

Customer Flow Management Concept
  • Pre-reception of the patient by two receptionists on a DISEO ™ ticket dispenser with selection of the desired service
  • Video screens to broadcast called numbers and dedicated dynamic communication
  • 140 reception stations equipped with agents
  • Improved staff working conditions
  • Patients well oriented and serene
Logo ICM


"We have improved our reception service and make the link between admissions and the outpatient services more flexible in order to reduce waiting times. Users are overwhelmingly in favor of ESII. Now we couldn’t do without the system."

Evelyn ALIDOR-FLAVIER, ICM (Montpellier, France)

  • Patient flow management
  • Equipment of the admissions, outpatient and radiotherapy services
  • eSirius™ solution

Customer Flow Management Concept
  • CAMEO™ interactive kiosk with smart card reader to identify, inform and direct the patient
  • Video and electronic displays
  • Waiting time is reduced
  • Patient journey traceability
  • Improved scheduling of consultations
Logo As Salam Hospital

As-Salam International Hospital

ESII's solutions are installed at As-Salam International Hospital (Egypt). Discover more about the type of solutions installed and the benefits for the users below. 


  • 2 equipped hubs: outpatient treatment and radiation treatment
  • 274 departments divided in 30 specialties 
  • It is mandatory to have the doctor’s name in Arabic on the ticket

Customer Flow Management Concept
  • eSirius™ queue management solution to receive both spontaneous patients and patients by appointment
  • Ticket printing is launched from the agent’s PC via eKiosk (grouping by specialty is easier)
  • Doctors’ names integrated via images on the ticket
  • Patient reception, direction and interview through close to 50 workstations (general reception, nurse for pre consultation data, payment and consultation)
  • Video screens to call next patients and broadcast information


  • Patient flow management is improved
  • Harmonious management of patients by appointment and spontaneous visits for 30 specialties
  • Reduced perceived and actual wait

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