A few reasons to choose ESII 

A few reasons to choose ESII

ESII is a socially and environmentally responsible company which takes into account social and environmental aspects in its activities and in its relations with its partners (employees, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors, etc.).

Our strong innovation policy means we continuously create and develop ever more powerful solutions to better serve our customers.

ESII in 9 values :

  • Innovation and creativity in all fields
  • Expertise and knowledge are in the center of our professional concerns
  • Efficiency and adaptability
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Our customers' satisfaction
  • Consideration and common action through team work
  • A human, ethic and loyal approach of our relationships with customers, suppliers and partners
  • Sustainable development and quality
  • A long-term vision for ESII's perenniality

Discover in detail the themes that count for ESII...

Social responsibility

ESII is a French company that takes into account social and environmental aspects. All our products consume little energy and are entirely manufactured in France. ESII has been awarded the Origine France Garantie label, a reflection of its quality, reliability and overall environmentally and socially responsible policy. Our tickets are made according to rules which respect the environment (Imprim'vert label) and are guaranteed phenol-free. Every day, ESII makes every effort to reduce as far as possible its carbon footprint.

ESII adheres to a sustainable development policy guaranteeing the implementation of practices which are not harmful to the environment as well as respecting health and safety standards.

Employment engagement

More than 100 employees create real value for ESII, and we also contribute indirectly to the creation of hundreds of jobs through our network of suppliers, installers and distributors.

Similarly, we have developed a network of local sub-contractors, which also allows us, in addition to supporting employment, to be very responsive.

Governance and ethics

At ESII we have a long-term strategic vision which means that economic interest is not our sole ambition: the working environment for our employees and partners and also the equilibrium of the company are fundamental drivers.

We have chosen an entrepreneurial logic thanks to managers who listen to their employees, a company of a human-size where each employee is at the heart of the strategy, a corporate culture based on team spirit, respect and highly-collaborative and motivated teams.

Support program and roll-out

Installation within the time scales that takes into account your requirements. This is a commitment that ESII keeps thanks to our technical team of 18 persons (QUALIFELEC certified), our 3 agencies and our 25 approved and regularly trained installers present in all regions of France. High-quality customer care with 96% of calls answered in under 40 seconds.

High added-value products

ESII solutions have been designed to be both robust, high performance and consume low amounts of energy. We carefully evaluate their cost of use (ticket consumption optimisation for touch terminals, training time, etc.) and we favor the total repairability of our products.

  • Design: modern, fully customisable, or that can even be integrated fully into the in-house style which allows us for example to be present as a world exclusive at Nespresso.
  • Ease for everyone: wireless mode, embedded web site, functions for persons with reduced mobility, configuration tools, optimised ergonomics.
  • Communication: unique communication media with high ROI.

As part of the CSR policy, ESII was audited by the SMETA procedure (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). The ethical practices of the company are examined based on 4 items:

1- The environment

The ecological recommendation of the SMTA takes different forms with the objective to limit waste with the eco-construction or to reduce the carbon footprint during the transport of the supplied products. To do that, ESII is committed to: - promote the local suppliers - reduce and recover waste - promote the certified suppliers (ISO 14001, imprim’vert…)

2- Labor standards

In this domain, the commitments go further than the respect of the human rights in the premises of ESII. The company doesn’t contract a partnership or does business with another company that doesn’t respect the labor standards.

3- Business ethics

ESII builds a win / win relationship with its suppliers and customers. All the aspects of the relationship with these companies are concerned: price, terms of sale… Thus, unfair practices to declare a service provider faulty or corruption are forbidden within the company.

4- Community benefit

The process ESII is involved in, concerns all the stakeholders in its activity. Beyond customers and suppliers, this process benefits the employees and the immediate environment.

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