Our vision of Customer Journey

ESII's mission is to provide high performance solutions for customer journey management, queue management, appointments and video communication for waiting rooms.

ESII understands the new challenges of professionals dealing with customers or a public that is increasingly connected and which wants to enjoy a unique experience. That is why we create comprehensive solutions for customer/patient/user journeys: whether this is before, during or after an on-site visit, an ESII solution exists.

Our wide range of products therefore allows us to meet the needs of all types of activities and organisational methods. ESII is widely acknowledged as one of the leaders of customer journey management with over 18,000 sites installed worldwide

Benefits of our solutions
  • Provide high-quality reception: avoid conflicts, reduce perceived or actual waiting times, manage various types of customers, and offer an appointment-based reception service. 
  • Increase profitability: the visitor is free to move around and can benefit from your sales area and thus generate impulse purchases. 
  • Optimize your resources: adapt resources to the visitor flow in real time, analyse your staff training needs, work out the most relevant information and communication campaigns, use the staff skills to the best advantage and forecast future flows.
  • For over 30 years, ESII supports its customers and partners in their development by providing innovative customer flow management solutions.
  • 1982: creation of ESII 
  • 2002: launch of the eSirius™ "full web" solution, more than 800 sites equipped. 15% of sales are achieved in export
  • 2007: launch of the purchase pick-up solution eTrack™, of the CAMEO™  interactive terminal and online appointments making software eAppointment™.
  • 2010/2011: Launch of the Great Shopping Experience™ concept for retail. 23% of sales are achieved in export.
  • 2012: launch of the single line queuing solution eZQ™ and  Patient Journey solution for hospitals and clinics.
  • 2013/2014: launch of Pack Start, Plug & Play solution, easy to install and use. The patient journey is also improved and Emergency Solution is created. For Retail, ESII imagine the customer experience.
  • 2015: launch of the TWANA™ range of interactive terminals to meet the needs and issues of queue management for all organizations. Release of the application Smartwait™ allowing to know the waiting conditions in real time and to take a virutal ticket
  • 2016:  After 20 years of partnership with Management Systems, ESII acquires its Belgian distributor. Opening of a branch in Canada. Our linear queuing solution EZQ™ becomes indispensable for retail companies to ease and accelerate customer checkout flow. Our range of interactive kiosks Twana™ further expands with the multipurpose kiosk Twana™XL. Release of eSirius™ V12, which improves on previous versions and allows use of Smartwait™, Smartclient™ and other solutions.
  • 2017: ESII is awarded a ‘Diplôme Excellence’ by BPI France for its performance and potential. ESII creates a steering committee for its CSR policies. Launch of Weasy, a ticketless solution to welcome visitors. The reception becomes connected, with this card the customers are totally free from the wait. The card displays the number of people waiting dynamically, informs them when they are called and indicates on the screen the counter that calls them.
  • 2018: Release of the new generation Queue Management software, Orion, a Saas, powerful and evolutive solution. The customer journey is integrated from appointment booking to kiosk dentification.
  • 2019: The Weasy connected card is showcased at the CES in Las Vegas, where it was a huge success thanks to its connected features. Management Systems, our Belgian branch, officially becomes ESII Belgium. The multiservice Twana™ kiosk is upgraded to a new version corresponding to the hospitals needs for patient admission.
  • 2020: The coronavirus becomes a global phenomenon causing a major health crisis. During the successive lockdowns, the ESII Teams swing into action to bring concrete solutions to the new problems linked to the new health obligations: contactless reception with a digital ticket on a smartphone, kiosks with pedals or with voice command. Twice, ESII offers free decisive solutions to respect the health instructions in a solidarity move. First, in April for the health professionals, and a second time in June for the retailers that could open again their businesses.
    In line with its the international expansion, ESII opens a new Branch located in Madrid, Spain, named ESII Iberica.
Key facts
  • Experience: reception management solutions developed and marketed for over 35 years
  • References: over 18,000 sites installed worldwide
  • Use: Over 500 million users use our reception management systems every year
  • Distribution network: present in nearly 50 countries and with an approved installer network in France
  • Capital: SAS with capital of €527,448.60
  • Turnover: €13.8 millions (35% export-generated)
  • Workforce: 136 employees
  • Research & Development: 20% of employees

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