Orion queuing system


Queuing system and reception solution in SaaS mode

ESII introduces the software revolution in terms of queuing system and reception management. This SaaS solution adapts to all organizations, regardless of their size and without set-up. You easily add features, locations or hardware to develop your queuing system according to your reception.

Always be at the forefront of technology to welcome your visitors with monthly automatic updates of your solution. In addition to being technologically up-to-date, you can be sure that your data and those of your customers are secured on dedicated servers compliant with the GDPR.


  • Optimized customer experience
  • Improved working conditions
  • Better management of the ressources
  • Waiting conditions in real time
  • customers are no longer waiting

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Our customers choose the ORION platform for...

Cloud-based & Robust

Our system architecture ensures Orion can be scaled across a vast number of locations and regions with low latency, minimal disruption and at low cost.

Flexible & Easy to configure

ORION can be configured and adapted to a variety of use cases. Select the solutions and features to suit your enterprise, and easily manage your settings.


Customize all your customer facing interfaces with your brand logos, colors and look&feel within minutes.


Orion is compliant with the GDPR.

Easy integration

Whilst Orion can be used completely stand-alone, it is also developed to enable you to integrate into your existing systems with ease.

Customer satisfaction

Optimized customer experience: more free time to manage the journey, less stress, reliable information for your customers.

Online appointment

Facilitate the connection of customers to your services anywhere and at any time with an appointment booking system.

Online appointment

Virtual ticket

The visitor takes his ticket directly on his smartphone. He receives a notification when it is his turn.


Manage your events

Register for several people in the same time slot.

Easy reception and queue system

Multiservices kiosks

Kiosks allow customers to add themselves to a queue without staff assistance.

Interactive kiosk

Mobile reception

Interact with customers. With an internet connected tablet, staff can add customers to the queue, view expected wait times, and call customers.

Mobile reception - software


Receive reports on your activity to better adjust your resources.


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