Weasy available at a new location: Vanden Borre

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Vanden Borre is a brand specializing in household appliances and computer products. It is established in Belgium and has 73 stores. 3 of them relied on ESII’s experience to manage customer wait when they need in-store advice. Indeed, it is sometimes not easy to find staff in the store and you sometimes have to wait a long time on site until he has finished with another customer. During this wait, it may happen that other customers are waiting, which can generate running order conflicts.


To solve these problems, the Vanden Borre brand decided to adopt the Weasy solution.

The cards are available in the store on Twana™ totems. The customer who wants to talk to a salesperson for information and advice takes a Weasy. On the screen, he sees the number of people waiting before him.

He takes advantage of this time to browse in the store without worrying about his turn. When the Weasy vibrates and rings, the customer is invited to meet an available salesperson near the Weasy totem thanks to a message on the screen.


Product advice is one of the great advantages of physical stores. With this connected device, customers easily find a salesperson to answer their queries. The waiting time becomes active, the customer is not obliged to stay in line or look for available staff.


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