11.02.21 Sanidad

The Solidaris mutual fund trusts ESII

Visitor reception

The Belgian mutualist company Solidaris, formerly Mutualité Socialiste, has trusted ESII for many years to equip its various branches. Today, 21 branches are receiving members with our solutions and more are to come.

Among the latest installations, let's take a closer look at the headquarters of the Charleroi region, which was renovated at the end of 2020. Here, the visitors are received with an interactive kiosk Twana™ Diseo™ with 2 choices of service: Reception or Social services. For the latter choice, visitors are called directly by counters 9 and 10. The others are first called by reception before being redirected according to their needs to the counseling offices (1 to 8).

In total, 3 waiting areas are equipped with video screens which simultaneously broadcast the number calls as well as the communication of the agency thanks to their business software. This solution allows an organized reception and avoids running order problems related to the 3 different waiting areas.

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