19.08.21 Healthcare

VPharma in Liege adopts Weasy

wait pharmacie

Our Weasy solution offers the opportunity to end the wait in the sales area by allowing the customers to browse before to be called to an available counter. This solution interest particularly the pharmacy that find in this system the way to let the patient shop in the personal care product area before to go at the counter.

The latest pharmacy installed was VPharma in the city of Liege (Belgium). In the entrance, 60 Weasy cards are available in self-service. When the patient takes one, the Weasy displays the number of persons before him. When a counter is available, the Weasy buzzes and vibrates by displaying the counter to go.

In addition of the organization of the wait and the suppression of the queue lines, this solution enhances the average basket until 10%. Finally, in these times of health crisis, the Weasy cards are treated with an antibacterial and antiviral product effective for one year and renewable.

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