Twana™ Ultimate

Interactive customer reception kiosk

The multifunction Twana™ Ultimate kiosk is part of our solution for customer reception management. Combining design, robustness, performance and ease of use, it offers a real image of customer relationship.

The Twana™ Ultimate allows you to know customer need, identify an incoming appointment, enter information (forms), take a ticket and direct your visitors easily.

It integrates seamlessly into your reception environment and enables effective communication with its customizable design.

The kiosk comes with visual displays matching your requests to easily start your system and you have the configuration


  • Fully and easily customizable (configuration tool comes with the web interface)
  • Secure Browser
  • Enhanced communication
  • Appointments identification
  • Wheelchairs accessibility
  • 100% customizable ticket
  • High print capacity
  • Environmental friendly
  • Design and robust
  • High Security
  • Small footprint
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Durability


  • Screen 17’’, 22'' or 27", touch technology, 6 mm tempered glass
  • Dynamic scenario
  • Multilevel treeview menus
  • Signage top (optional)
  • Appointments identification
  • Call and information ticket (opening hours, documents to provide, maps ...)
  • 80mm high definition thermal printer
  • Self-loading
  • Anti Jam
  • Optimized natural ventilation
  • Cable entry at the rear bottom or below (230V excluded)


  • waiting conditions
  • Customizable call tickets
  • Information tickets (opening hours, documents to provide, maps ...)
  • Communication on the screen of the interactive kiosk

    Entirely customizable navigation

    Language selection for the screens and tickets
    Staff selection
    Dynamic advertising and messages

    navigation scalable on the interactive kiosk

    Appointment identification

  • Identification of appointments by bar code scan, card reading or code entry
  • Visitor with appointments geolocation by scanning their barcode
  • Real time modification available for scrolling message
  • easy identification on the interactive kiosk

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