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At ESII, accessibility is more than just regulatory compliance, it is a deep commitment to inclusiveness and equality. Our kiosks are designed to be accessible to everyone, including people with reduced mobility (PRM), in scrupulous compliance with the legal requirements relating to accessibility for disabled people.


These obligations specify the technical requirements to guarantee the accessibility of public access building to PRMs. It aims to ensure that equipment and installations, such as interactive kiosks, can be used by everyone, without discrimination.


Our ESII kiosks integrate the criteria of the requirements from the design stage, thus guaranteeing easy and efficient use for all users:

  • 1.60m the upper reading limit
  • Command limit between 0.90m and 1.30m

And to go further

Beyond wheelchair accessibility, our hardware and software solutions enable accessibility for people with hearing or visual disabilities:

  • RGAA software
  • Braille zone on kiosks
  • Vocal synthesis
  • Live speech transcription
  • Sound reinforcement

Orientation to a specific service, faster queue, and dedicated alert

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