Use case: Orion for small town

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Claret City Hall France

« We are 2 agents assigned to this service. And indeed, since this agenda, we have a new lease of life. »


The municipality of Claret has 1,700 inhabitants and has a biometric station to produce passports and ID cards. Faced with the explosion in the number of requests, this City Hall trusted ESII to organize this new activity through an online appointment booking solution.

Zazia Sekkat, administrative assistant, shared her experience with our solution Orion Appointment during a webinar organized by Digital 113 and named Cap Numérique. Please, find below the retranscription of her testimonial.


“We are a small municipality of 1,700 inhabitants and we have a biometric station for the production of passports and ID cards. The online agenda solution became obvious given the countless calls and emails we were receiving during 2022.

Since the installation, we have seen a real improvement. Previously, we had a lot of calls and a lot of requests by email. The calls were saturating the switchboard of the City Hall of Claret. The solution obviously allows us to be freer as users can make an appointment through our website.

We have set up the online appointment solution for the applications and also the possibility for users to make an appointment when their documents are available at the City Hall. This allows us to have a global visibility on the agenda, to anticipate our organization and to receive the people either for the application appointment or for the delivery appointment.

We are 2 agents assigned to this service. And indeed, since this agenda, we have a new lease of life.

Zazia Sekkat, Administrative assistant, Cap Numérique – Saison 7 : Secteur public – Digital is Future [Youtube : 59:58 – 1:03:14],