Testimonial: Foir’Fouille store in Voiron

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La Foir'Fouille France

« For the customers, the solution is comforting. They see a better organization, more care. »


In Voiron, the Foir’Fouille store had been renovated to improve the customer experience. It remained a problem at checkout when customers didn’t think to look behind them to see other possibly available checkouts. Misunderstanding, wait, stress, here you have a discouraging cocktail for a store that aims to improve its image.


To solve this problem, the store’s management has selected the eZQ™ solution allowing to gather the customers in a single line and to distribute them to one of the 5 checkouts by displaying the number of the checkout available on a LED display.


“After the renovation of the store, we had a functioning problem at the checkouts. Customers were waiting in front of checkouts 1 and 2, but with their backs to checkouts 3, 4, 5 and 6. They didn’t turn around, couldn’t see the available checkouts.

ESII offered us the solution of a kiosk with a LED display. When a checkout is available, the cashier calls the next customer using a callbox. Then, the screen displays to the customer the number of the checkout where he needs to go.

The solution prevents the cashiers to yell in the store to indicate the checkout is available. There is no misunderstanding.

For the customers, the solution is comforting. They don’t have to search for an available checkout by looking right and left. They see a better organization, more care. We aren’t here like at the market yelling “Who’s next?””

Nicolas Ricard – Manager Foir’Fouille Voiron