Testimonial - City hall of Saint Denis

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The City Hall of Saint Denis use our solutions since few years. During the Covid19 health crisis, they installed our solution Orion to continue the activity safely.


Here is a testimonial after this installation:

“The Covid health crisis completely disorganized our services. Without wasting too much time by redefining our operating mode, we needed to allow our colleagues to book appointments in place of the citizens. We selected the Orion solution because we got it for free for 2 months to respond to the health crisis emergency.

It’s an easy to use solution! ESII explained the method: how to create structures, manage the schedule, the users and define the access level. It was easy. You can’t do all of this in one day, but in two days you can do it easily. On the user side, I made a training for my colleagues. They understood very quickly. At first, there had been some minor errors but then my co-workers told me it was easy to use.

The queue management is a gain of time for the citizen. The people who come to the city hall have other obligations. Offering appointments and queue management, for me it’s a form of respect for the citizens so they don’t waste time. In this sense, the virtual ticket is a great service we offer to the citizens. In a general way, it helps to optimize time when they come to the City Hall. They don’t have to be here when they wait.”

M. Mody TRAORE, Functional lead of the solution eSirius, City Hall of Saint Denis.

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