Innovative reception at the Paris court of justice

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Paris Court France

« Collaboration with the various ESII teams enables us to deliver a high-quality service. »


The French government and the City Hall of Paris have built a 160 meters building, design and modern, to welcome the new courthouse of Paris. The important size and the large crowd of the visitors required a powerful and intuitive solution to direct the citizens.


In the main entrance, the solution iAudience directs the visitors displaying the schedule, the floor and the room of the current and next hearing. Complementary to this, in front of each courtroom, a video screen displays the room number and the current hearing.

If the visitor doesn’t come for a hearing, he goes to the SAUJ (the single reception service), where he can have an interview with an agent to answer his questions. Before the interview, he can make an appointment online with the Orion Appointment solution. If he doesn’t, he can take a ticket and waits until he is called through a video screen.


“In 2016, in the project of the Court of Paris, Bouygues Energies & Services chose to work with ESII to meet the customer’s specific request. A dynamic audience management signage application (creation of an “i-Audience” application, with IAGONA) based on Neoscreen 5.0 and an “e-Sirius” ticketing tool, queue management for litigants, are deployed on the site. Collaboration with the various ESII teams enables us to deliver a high-quality service.”

Daniel MATHE – Head of CFA operations at the Paris Court.


The Paris courthouse built a new office building with an innovative view to offer a great experience to the visitor despite the crowd flow. Among the solutions set-up, ESII offers interactive kiosks and video screens perfectly integrated in the building design and digital signage software to inform the visitors at any time.