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Food stores are evolving to offer their customers a pleasant and sensory in-store experience. If product quality remains a central concern, the customer experience now extends to other services offered by these professionals: packaging, loyalty program, differentiation and of course, as you can imagine, the management of the reception and the wait.

Our solutions can be adapted to these different food businesses, whether they are a chocolate store, a butcher, a fishmonger, a delicatessen, a caterer, or a bakery. As proof, we refer you to the customer cases already discussed on our site:

  • Caveriviere, butcher shop
  • Smart Foods Market, grocery store
  • Halles de l’Aveyron, grocery store
  • Cap Fraicheur, fishmonger
  • Maison Bouillet, pastry shop…

They all trust ESII!

Ravalec Caterer


The last food store to trust us is Ravalec caterer located in the city of Quimper. Here, the manager wanted to modernize the reception and streamline the customer journey. We said that this is a regular issue that has been answered thanks to our SaaS Orion solution and a Keo ™ connected interactive kiosk.


In the lobby, a Keo™ kiosk welcomes the customer by allowing him to check-in on of the 3 queue lines available: catering, order collect, snacking. To take a ticket the customer has 3 choices that are the paper ticket, the digital ticket on smartphone and the text message ticket. In order to avoid a crowd at the entrance, the customers can directly scan a QRCode to take a digital ticket without checking-in on the kiosk. The customers with a digital or a text message ticket are free to browse in the store because they will be notified on their smartphone when their turn comes.

Regarding calls of next customers, staff use an RFID bracelet that they pass in front of a call box. This technology offers better hygiene by eliminating the need for employees to touch a remote control. The called number is displayed on POE Led Displays with the name of the calling counter. 

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