With eGestat™ the "Halles de l'Aveyron" improves the wait

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The agricultural cooperative UNICOR has created a commercial mark “Les halles de l’Aveyron” in order to directly sell its products. Three stores were built in Rodez, Herblay and Saint Gratien. The products are coming from farms located in Aveyron and bordering departments. They are sold with a fair price for both the costumer and the producers.


The store in Herblay wanted to improve the wait at the deli counters. We have proposed the best solution to offer a customer experience up to the quality of the products. We have selected the queue management solution eGestat™ and the Twana™ Diseo™ interactive kiosk.

If the customer wants to access the fresh food counters, he takes a ticket on the Twana™ Diseo™ kiosk: meat, delicatessen or cheese. With his queue number, he can browse in the self-service zone. When it is his turn, the professional calls him by his number through a led display.


The software eGestat provides detailed statistics about the customer journey: number, wait time… That allows to optimize staff in the store.

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