09.06.20 Retail

Testimonial: single line at the supermarket

Our solution eZQ™ was installed at the supermarket Intermaché located in downtown Rennes. Here is the customer’s testimonial about this installation:

"The problem was the layout of the store. Here, the store has 2 levels and the 3 self-service checkouts are in front on the 3 traditional checkouts. The customers queued in a single line, but they didn’t understand how to do it and where to go.
The single line was the solution we waited for. Now the wait is more peaceful, the customers queue around the gondola in a single queue. We can give them information about the wait. They wait less than 5 minutes. The customers are reassured about the checkout process, we display the waiting time and where to go. This increases the satisfaction."

Juilen DE ALMEIDA, Manager, Intermaché Express, 3 Avenue Jean Janvier - 35000 Rennes


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