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Testimonial: French health inssurance

Testimonial CPAM

After an invitation to tender, ESII has been selected to equip more than 600 offices in France. Here is the testimonial about this exceptional installation::

"The French health insurance (CNAM) offices need to manage significant flows of visitors. The CNAM wanted to equip every reception, all over France, with a modern and unique queue management system (QMS).
The hardware and software solution offered by ESII meet the needs expressed in the tender. ESII provided specifics developments to connect the QMS with our customer relation software developed in-house and installed in every office. Thanks to this integration, it’s possible to match the data from the QMS with the data from the medical insured database: this integration has a real interest in sharing and ensuring consistency of information, it is essential for customer relationship service. The interface of the ESII’s solution with the appointment application allows, on one hand, a customized reception of visitors during the appointment, and on the other hand, an extension to receive visitors called in by the medical service.
The solution installed can display statistical data at the national scale. For example: the number of visitors in the offices, the day of the week with the higher number of visits, the average wait, etc.
The deployment of the solution of ESII was run through a long period because of the huge number of offices to install (more than 600) and in good conditions."
Catherine DUYCK BAGOT - Project Manager - CNAM

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