15.12.14 Public Sector

Regional councils trust ESII solutions again

ESII solutions have recently been installed in the reception of two French regional councils: the Ardennes and Indre Valley. Objectives: improve users’ reception and optimize their journey.

The Ardennes regional council, which already had a reception management solution, has chosen to upgrade to the most powerful one: eSiriusTM. The hardware part upgraded too, since at their arrival visitors can now identify themselves and take a ticket according to the purpose of their visit (registration certificate, change of address, etc.) on a DISEOTM interactive kiosk. A call ticket is then delivered to them. The users are then asked to go to the waiting room where video monitors broadcast calls and digital signage. When it is their turn, they are called to the previously selected service.

The regional councils of the Loire Valley has also chosen to install the eSiriusTM solution but has installed different hardware. At their arrival citizens select the purpose of their visit on a DISEOTM touch screen kiosk and then wait for their call on a screen into the waiting room that also displays communication.

In both cases, managers can monitor the reception of visitors in real time and adapt human resources requirements according to the flow of citizens. With these solutions, users are carried throughout their journey: they are clearly directed and informed. Agents and managers have both powerful and easy to use tools, and work in better conditions.

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