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Our training to enhance your reception

An expert with over 30 years' experience in the reception management field, ESII offers various training programmes and assistance to meet all your requirements in a very simple, targeted way.


Why train?

For increasingly enhanced reception, it is important to master all the tools at your disposal.

3 main goals:

  • Manage your reception solution in an optimal way
  • Strengthen your skills
  • Discover the many possibilities our solutions provide (made-to-measure statistics, targeted video communication, etc.)
ESII's different training programmes

We offer a wide range of programmes for all users of the various systems.

Organised by the high-quality trainers, we tailor our courses according to your particular way of working, your environment and your position in the company

  • Users: Ensure efficient reception for the customer
  • Statistics: Produce customised statistical documents whatever your level of knowledge
  • Managers: Gain greater control over your reception management tools to optimise your organisation
  • Expert Advice / Auditing: Receive personalised assistance including an analysis of your needs and your organisation
  • Technical support: Find out about the operation of the applications installed on the network, backup and reinstall.
Configuration tools
  • Editing of ticket templates: create your own fully customised ticket templates
  • Modification of terminal scenarios: define the most effective scenarios for your visitors
  • Modification of DISEO™ TS scenarios: exploit all the reception possibilities offered by this model
  • Changing of the video templates: create and modify the video call displays
  • Advanced video communication broadcasts: broadcast your messages with a customised playlist in multiple-site mode
  • Video communication broadcast: broadcast your messages on video
How to get training

All our training sessions are delivered at your convenience in our Montpellier and Créteil offices, directly in your company or through remote learning courses.

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