20.03.20 Retail

ESII helps you to receive your customers during COVID-19 outbreak

Magasin ticket virtuel

In these special circumstances, ESII shares its expertise in queue management.

Virtualize queuing thanks to the virtual ticket in order to better manage reception of your customers in store and in the checkout area, and thus make it possible to fight against the spread of the virus by respecting safety distances.

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Easy to use solution

When they arrive in front of your store, customers scan a QR code using their smartphone to indicate they want to do their shopping.
Then, a reception host calls them thanks to the solution on a device (tablet, phone, PC, that you provide to your staff).
The customer receives a notification on his phone when he’s called to do his shopping.
When the customer finishes his shopping, he scans a new QR code in the store to indicate he wants to go to the checkout. The cashier then calls him from the solution.

  • Manage the flow of customers
  • Online appointment booking available for your customers before coming to the store
  • Respect of the safety distances required to fight against the virus
  • Prioritize some queues such as people with disabilities, the elderly
  • Visualization of the estimated waiting time for your customers who no longer have to queue in front of your store
  • Easy to use solution for your customers and staff
  • No hardware to install

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