02.02.15 Public Sector

A custom-made reception for the Bulgarian Social Security!

On the occasion of a refresh of its premises, the social security agency of the city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria has chosen to improve the reception of its users by installing the eSirius reception management solution.

An interactive self-service kiosk placed at the entrance, allows the visitors to select a service. Once they received their ticket, they can go to the waiting room where a screen displays the number called, the calling desk and the area to go through an arrow system. The calls are in Bulgarian and English thanks to the eVoice module. The statistical module eStat allows the managers to get accurate data on the number of beneficiaries and the waiting time. These management tools allow optimization of resources and better management of staff planning.

With this solution, the Plovdiv social security agency regulated flows of visitors. Waiting conditions are improved and the management of resources optimized.

This installation was realized in partnership with our Bulgarian distributor, ITA Engineering LTD.

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