Testimonial of the city of Villajoyosa – Spain

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City Hall of Villajoyosa Spain

« We see now a decrease of the waiting time and a better efficiency of our service. »


Villajoyosa, a privileged seashore village near Alicante (SPAIN), chooses ORION to properly receive inhabitants and visitors at the Council.

COVID-19 pushed the Citizen Assistance Department to quickly find a solution to safely organize and receive citizen at their facilities. Choosing ORION Appointment solutions they’ve been able to set up in half a week a fully functional process to receive and solve citizens’ requests. Almost 40 purposes of interview are available to be attended by the OAC (Oficina de Atención al Ciudadano) by a skilled staff who’s using easily the solution from day one.


Here are two testimonials:

“We needed to offer an online appointment solution to our visitors. The ESII’s solution has adapted perfectly to our needs and to the particularities of our service. The citizens have a quick and easy access to the appointment module. For our staff, management of the calendar has been greatly improved.”
María José Mata, Social care department coordinator.”

“We had a problem of citizens gathering at certain moments of the day. We see now a decrease of the waiting time and a better efficiency of our service. The ESII’s solution decreases stress of our staff by allowing a better work organization”.
Carmen Aznar, Citizen relation department manager.

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